Raymond Brooks

Proven.  Conservative.  Fighter.

for State Representative

As a career law enforcement officer and a proven conservative fighter, I have dedicated my life to defending our Constitution and expanding parental rights in education – all while upholding the traditional values that our state holds dear.

Raymond Brooks

Abolish the State Income Tax

The State Income Tax is an unnecessary burden placed on every Mississippian by our legislature. I will fight to abolish the State Income Tax and put more of our money back in our pockets.

Economic Development

Due to government-mandated lockdowns and the current administration, our economy is worse than it has been in decades. Instead of the legislature wasting resources on Socialist fantasy projects, it should be passing policies to promote economic development.

Secure Election Integrity

If our elections are not secure, neither is our Republic. As your Representative, I will work to pass common-sense Voter ID enforcement and prohibit unsafe electronic voting.

Combat Crime

We have a serious crime problem in our nation, and it is a danger to our communities and our families. As a police officer of 21 years, I will be a vocal advocate for strong, tough-on-crime policies.

End the Woke Agenda

Radical Leftists have been allowed to infiltrate our classrooms and indoctrinate our children for far too long. I will stand up against the Woke agenda and fight to keep Marxism out of the classroom.

It’s time for Mississippi Conservatives to take charge.